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dr hab. Piotr Makowski

Personal web page: pmakowski.com/


  • Adam Mickiewicz University – from 09/01/2010:

Position: Assistant Professor, specialization: metaethics, action theory.

  • University of California, Davis – 09/01/2012–03/31/2013

Position: Fulbright Senior Advanced Research Scholar, specialization: action theory.


Adam Mickiewicz University (2001-2010):

  • Ph.D. in philosophy – June 7th 2010 (cum laude/with honors)

Dissertation: “Status of Goodness and Duty in Contemporary Naturalistic Ethics”. Supervisor: Prof. Tadeusz Buksiński (AMU). Committee: Prof. Marcin Poręba (University of Warsaw), Prof. Ewa Nowak (AMU)

  • B.A. in classical philology – 2006

Thesis: “Aristotle’s DYNAMIS. From the Philosophia Prima to the Practical Philosophy. The Role and Meaning of the Concept of Capacity in Aristotle”. Supervisor: Prof. Marian Wesoły (AMU). Advisor: Prof. Jerzy Danielewicz (AMU);

  • M.A. in philosophy – 2005

Thesis: “The Concept of Autonomy and Morality. The Problem of Structure of ‘Integrative Ethics’ in Hans Krämer’s Theory”. Supervisor: Prof. Tadeusz Buksiński (AMU). Advisor: Prof. Barbara Kotowa (AMU);


  • Metaethics,
  • Praxiology,
  • Pragmatism and neopragmatism,
  • Normative naturalistic ethics, neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics,
  • Practical philosophy of Aristotle, Hume, Kant, and Fichte
  • Philosophical theories of intersubjectivity;


  • Action theory,
  • Intentionality and intentions,
  • Cognitive psychology,
  • Management science (esp. organization science);


  1. 08.2012-08.2015: “Theories of Reasons for Action. A Possibility of Application to the Management Sciences”, Polish National Science Center Grant UMO-2011/03/B/HS4/04162 – chief executive,
  2. 01.09.2012-31.03.2013: “Practical Rationality: Contemporary Theories of Reasons for Action and Their Implications for the Conception of Prudential Reason”, Fulbright Senior Advanced Research at UC Davis;


  1. 03.2009-03.2011: “Status of Goodness and Duty in Contemporary Naturalistic Ethics” – Supervisory Grant of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, No. N N101 05963 – main executive (under supervision of professor Tadeusz Buksiński),
  2. 05.2008: International Research Program for Moral Psychology and Moral-Democratic Competence Training – supervisors: Prof. Georg Lind (Univ. of Konstanz) and Prof. Ewa Nowak (AMU) – co-executive;


I. Authored monographs:

  1. Status of Goodness and Duty in Contemporary Naturalistic Ethics [Ph.D. diss.], Adam Mickiewicz University Repository, Poznań 2010,
  2. After Metaethics, Kraków, Wydawnictwo Universitas 2012, pages 290 [revised Ph.D. diss.],

II. Edited volumes:

Intersubjectivity – Editor, Kraków, Wydawnictwo Universitas 2012, pages 304 (a collection of essays),

III. Papers in English:

  1. ** “The Task of a Naturalist: An Epitaph for Philippa Foot (1920-2010)”, Ethics in Progress Quarterly. Online Journal, Issue No. 1 (1)/2010: 197–200,
  2. ** “Metaphysics of Practical Philosophy. The Concept of Capacity in Aristotle”, in: Georg Arabatzis (ed.), Studies on Supernaturalism, Academy of Athens, Logos Verlag 2009: 59–73 (a shortened and revised version of: IV.6);


** “Hegel on Recognition: Moral Implications of ‘Lordship and Bondage’ Dialectic”, Hegel Jahrbuch, Hg. von A. Arndt, K. Bal und H. Ottmann, 2008: 119–124,

IV. Papers in Polish:

  1. **  ”Bratman and A Minimal Praxiology” (forthcoming),
  2. ** “Moore and the Semantic Autonomy of Ethics”, Principia. Pisma koncepcyjne z filozofii i socjologii teoretycznej, Vol. LIV (forthcoming),
  3. ** “The Practical Spectrum of Ethics and Intersubjectivity. Two Models of Subject”, in:Intersubjectivity, Piotr Makowski (Ed.), Kraków, Wydawnictwo Universitas 2012: 129–147,
  4. ** “Dynamis. Metaphysical Notion of Capacity and its Role in Aristotle’s Practical Philosophy”,ICF Diametros, Vol. 33 (2012): 76–100,
  5. ** “Hume’s Guillotine”, Przegląd Filozoficzny. Nowa Seria, Vol. 80, No. 4 (2011): 307–334,
  6. * “«Public Sphere» and the Detranscendentalization of Intersubjectivity”, in: On Urban Public Sphere, Przemysław Pluciński & Marek Nowak (Eds.), Poznań, Wydawnictwo Ha!Art 2011: 87–102,


  1. * “A Question of the Possibility of ‘Naturalization’ of Values in Ethics. Some Remarks on ‘Value Judgment’ by J. Griffin”, in: Towards Sources of Values, Piotr Orlik (Ed.), Poznań WN IF UAM 2009: 251–270,
  2. * “The Intersubjective Interpretation of Morality – A Philosophical Horizon of Hans Krämer’s Ethics”, in: Public Philosophy and the Ethics of Public Policy, Karolina Cern, Piotr W. Juchacz & Ewa Nowak (Eds.), Seria Co-opera, Vol. VI, Poznań 2009: 243–256,
  3. ** “Aristophanic Laughter. The Analysis of Coming Means in Aristophanes on the Example of ‘Frogs’”, Symbolae Philologorum Posnaniensium Graecae et Latinae, Vol. XVIII (2008): 103–113,
  4. ** “The New Philosophy of Morals”, IMF Hybris, Vol. 5 (2007), 1–23,
  5. ** “Autonomy in the Ethics of I. Kant (an Attempt at Historistic Interpretation)”, ICF Diametros, Vol. 10 (2006): 34–64;

V. Polish Translations:

  1. David Copp, “Moral Naturalism and Three Grades of Normativity”, Etyka, Vol. 42/2009: 51–83,
  2. Michael E. Bratman, “The Fecundity of Planning Agency”, (forthcoming);

VI. Miscellanea:

  1. * “Fire in the Philosophy of Heraclitus”, Filozofia Publiczna i Edukacja Demokratyczna, Vol. 1(2) (2012): 130–138,
  2. “Dimensions of Intersubjectivity. Foreword”, in: Intersubjectivity, Piotr Makowski (Ed.), Kraków, Wydawnictwo Universitas 2012: 7–10.
  3. ** “Interpreting Culture. Some Theses on the Concept of Culture in The Context of Naturalism”, Znaczenia, Vol. 1 (2008): 119–123,


  1. * “Ethical Values and the Specificity of Contemporary Ethical Theory”, in: Towards Sources of Values, Piotr Orlik (Ed.), Poznań WN IF UAM 2009: 271–286,
  2. ** “Narcissus and his Mirror. The Interpretations”, Subiectiva PSFK, Vol. 1 (2007): 17–23,
  3. ** “The Issue of Morality in Gombrowicz and the Tasks of Contemporary Ethics” – KSF Preteksty, Vol.  8 (2007): 27–36,


  1. Scholarship for Polish Distinguished Young Scientists from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (awarded 10.2013),
  2. Fulbright Senior Advanced Research Award (scholarship: 09.2012-03.2013),
  3. Honors for the Ph.D. dissertation, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Dept. of Social Sciences Committee, (07.06.2010),


  1. Scientific Scholarship for Distinguished Ph.D. Students at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan (08.08.2006–30.09.2010),
  2. The J.A.C.T. (Joint Association of Classical Teachers) Grant – for the participation in Summer School in Ancient Greek, Bryanston, UK (awarded 07.2006);

CV in PDF file – Makowski-CV