Wykłady Prof. Jonathana Westphala

Wykłady Prof. Jonathana Westphala

Westphal, May 2017

Neutral Theories of the Mind-Body Problem

An introduction to neutral theories of the mind-body problem. These theories are neutral with respect to their treatment of mind and body, in the sense that in them neither the physical nor the non-physical is afforded preferential ontological or epistemological status. Topics to be studied include the formulation of the problem,  psychophysical dualisms, dissolutionism, the double aspect theory, panpsychism, and neutral monism. Special attention will be given to the differences among these theories.


  1. Formulation of the problem, and the psychophysical dualisms. Qualia. (Czwartek 11/05/2017 sala D. 13:15-14:45)
  2. Dissolutionism: Ryle and Wittgenstein (Piątek 12/05/2017 sala 215 11:30-13:00)
  3. Double Aspect Theory and Pan-Psychism (Wtorek 16/05/2017 sala 106, 13:15-14:45)
  4. Neutral Monism A:  Introduction and Background (Środa 17/05/2017 sala 215 11:30-13:00)
  5. Neutral Monism B:  Neutral Monist Interaction and Neutral Monist Models of the Problem (Czwartek 18/05/2017 sala D 13:15-14:45)

Reading Assignments

  1. Westphal, Chh. 1 & 2; Lowe.
  2. Ryle, Ch. 1, Westphal Ch. 6. Wittgenstein, 283-312.
  3. Chalmers.
  4. Mach, Chh. I-III, Russell II, Westphal Ch. 7, to p. 179.
  5. Westphal, pp. 179-197.

Reading Sources

Chalmers, David J., “Panpsychism and Panprotopsychism”, in Coonsciousness in the

Physical World: Perspectives on Russellian Monism, ed. Alter, Torin, and Nagasawa, Yujin, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), hereafter “Alter and Nagasawa”.

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22 maja poniedziałek 9:45-11:15 sala B. wykład otwarty w ramach programu Akademicki Poznań

The Mind-Body Problem and the Failure of Scientific Theories of Consciousness

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