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Reasons for Action and Praxiology – Broadening the Borders

June, 12-14th 2013

Poznan, Poland


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Theory of reasons for action has been one of the most important areas of research in practical philosophy for over a half century, but mainly in English-speaking cultural area. Still, it is a dominant approach to the theory of action today.

Praxiology – a general theory or study of efficient action (with a seminal work of Tadeusz Kotarbinski from Warsaw-Lvov School) – is another important type of investigation on the field of practical philosophy. It also has quite a long tradition, but has been popular mainly in Poland and France.

While these two types of investigation of action are equally important, there has never been either a philosophical ‘battle’ or ‘cooperation’ between reasons for action theorists and praxiologists. It seems, that the researchers of both types of inquiry have so far not entered into dialogue to get a better understanding of the nature of action.

The most basic goal of this strongly interdisciplinary conference is to offer a small contribution to such communication. We invite praxiologists, reasons for action theorists, theorists of practical rationality and practical philosophers to exchange ideas and communicate. This will help to grasp a fuller understanding of the differences and similarities between various types of reflection on action. The conference will offer insights into the understanding of action in philosophical, social and cultural aspects.


  • the nature of reasons for action: problems of contemporary debate (internalism vs. externalism, psychological vs. non-psychological reasons for action),
  • praxiology and ‘the grammar of action’ – old and new tasks,
  • types of reflection on action, the methodology of action theories,
  • connections and dependencies between theories of reasons for action and praxiology,
  • similarities and differences in understanding action in terms of praxiology and reasons for action theory,
  • theories of reasons for action and praxiology in the face of individual and collective action,
  • theory of action and the (philosophical) picture of an agent,
  • reasons for action and emotions,
  • philosophical theories of action and other sciences (psychology, sociology, neurosciences, ethics, management science, economics),
  • differences between theories of action and cultural relativism,
  • social aspects of theorizing action,
  • praxiology and pragmatism,
  • theory of rationality and theory of action,
  • efficient action, rational action, and moral action.

Selected conference papers will be published as a collection of edited papers in
Praxiology: The International Annual of Practical Philosophy and Methodology Series

Conference dates: June 12-14th 2013

CFP deadline: March 15th 2013

CFP decision: by March 31th 2013

Registration deadline: April 15th 2013




Organizer: Team in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University

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