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Centre for Transdisciplinary Research on Lay Judges and Courts DIKASTAI

Director: Prof. at AMU Piotr W. Juchacz, PhD. Habil.

Programme coordinator: Marcin Byczyński, PhD

E-mail: juchaczp@amu.edu.pl E-mail: byczyn@amu.edu.pl

The Centre for Transdisciplinary Research on Lay Judges and Courts DIKASTAI:

  • performs comparative research of different models of lay adjudication in Europe and worldwide
  • performs original research to determine what works (and what doesn’t) in Polish system of justice, and provides expert assistance to justice reformers, especially supporting all initiatives to broaden and deepen the citizens involvement in the exercise of justice.
  • provides hands-on, expert assistance to citizens’ associations aiming at improving the institutions of lay participation of citizens in the exercise of justice.
  • is dedicated to disseminate information concerning lay adjudication through educational programs and public outreach.

We put the idea of collaboration with interested stakeholders, especially the community of lay judges, at the centre of our work. We have a strong relationship with the Association National Council of Lay Judges in Poland and independent representatives of Lay Judges Councils in main Polish courts, for which we provide ongoing strategic advice and programming.

Presently, the key programme realized by the Centre within the scope of Transdisciplinary Research Group in Ethics of Lay Judges concerns the construction of The Code of Ethical Conduct for Lay Judges in Poland.