Doktorancka Grupa Badawcza: Public justification in contemporary liberal political philosophy

Doktorancka Grupa Badawcza: Public justification in contemporary liberal political philosophy

Doctoral Research Group (DRG)

Dr hab. Piotr W. Juchacz

Head of the Chair of Public Philosophy and Philosophy of Law

Department of Philosophy

Adam-Mickiewicz-University, Poznań, Poland

Research Area: Public justification in contemporary liberal political philosophy

Winter 2016/2017 (30 H)

The ideal of ‘public justification’ is central for contemporary liberal political philosophy. It is based on a conviction, that in a society characterized by the fact of reasonable pluralism of philosophical, religious and moral views (Rawls 1993) there exists “a requirement that all aspects of the social order should either be made acceptable or be capable of being made acceptable to every last individual” (Waldron 1987). Nonetheless there is no agreement between prominent liberal thinkers how to understand it and which public justificatory arguments should prevail in the public discourse. The main aim of the Doctoral Research Group (DRG) is an analysis of the ideal of public justification differently approached by contemporary liberal theorists. At the starting point of research participants in the DRG will analyse the seven dimensions of variation among conceptions of public justification distinguished by Fred D’Agostino (1996): consensual versus convergent, positive v. negative, volitional v. cognitional, direct v. indirect, economic v. political, prior v. posterior and interactive v. non-interactive. The abovementioned analysis will provide a classificatory framework for further extended and deepened scrutiny of selected theories. 

The dates of the individual interviews with the DGR’s candidates:

  • 10.10.2016: 11:30, room 208;
  • 13.10.2016: 13:00, room 208;
  • 17.10.2016: 12:00, room 208.

Or please contact me by an e-mail to fix the term of an interview:

The date of meetings will be fixed together with the PhD candidates accepted to the DRG.

Zdjęcie: Martin Falbisoner, CC BY-SA 3.0

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