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Schedule – Materiality of (Post)socialism

23.11.2021 „Architecture in the World Socialist System: Designing and Building Baghdad”

20.12.2021 Alexey Golubev “Collections and historical imagination.” Registration.

11.01.2022 Zinaida Vasilyeva, Making DIY Technologies – Experiencing Modernity: rethinking the „shortage paradigm

24.01.2022 Agnes Gagyi, The politicization of energy and housing: two examples for the materiality of (post)socialism in Hungary and Romania

08.02.2022 Tereza Stockelova Evidence-Based Alternative, ‘Slanted Eyes’ and Electric Circuits: Doing Chinese Medicine in the Post/Socialist Czech Republic

21.04.2022 Keti Chukhrov Between the Socialist Ideal and its Capitalist Shadows