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Chair of Public Philosophy & Philosophy of Law

Head of the Chair: Associate Professor Piotr W. Juchacz, Ph. D. Hab.

Team: Dr. Paweł Mazur, Dr. Tomasz Raburski

Research problems undertaken by the team of scholars gathered in the Chair of Public Philosophy and Philosophy and Law focus on analysis of the institutional arrangements of democratic society, first of all the institutions of legislative and judicial powers. We pay special attention in our research to the political circumstances of legislative deliberation and judicial deliberation. Major areas of our research interest encompass:  1) democratic legitimization of the system of law-making with special emphasis on the process of legitimization of adjudication; 2) judicial application of the law in the context of contemporary social theory, social philosophy and sociology of knowledge with the special attention to the problematics of subsumption as a process of connecting spheres of facts and norms;  3) judicial discretion in adjudication and justification of moral evaluations in the context of uniformity of the system of adjudication; 4) legal and political legitimization of institutions (e.g. courts, parliaments); 5) citizens’ participation in the processes of adjudication, particularly an enquiry concerning the institution of lay-judges in Polish courts; 6) role of cognitive functions in complex adaptative systems.