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Chair of Philosophy of Culture

The Chair of Philosophy of Culture investigates culture in its broad (academic) sense that covers all kinds of activities of human societies ranging from economy and politics, to science and art. Within a research field outlined in the abovementioned way we are particularly interested in five following issues.  Firstly, we study the economy and economics from the perspective of philosophy of economics, and examine contemporary projects that aim to modify global capitalism in order to decrease social inequalities and increase general level of well-being. Secondly, we explore the philosophical issues of the presence of robots in the Western culture. Thirdly, we consider the condition of contemporary art, particularly by asking about the possibility of engaged art nowadays – in this regard our studies involve some subjects typical for philosophy of art. Fourthly, we look into the topic of relations between scientific knowledge and political power and therefore our studies are connected with the perspective of philosophy of politics. Fifthly, we conduct research that concern the determinants and conditions of functioning of higher education in the globalized world.