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Dr Andrzej Marzec

E-mail: martius@amu.edu.pl



from the 1st of Dec 2014 – Assistant Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland), Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy

from 2013 onward – Member of the editorial board of “Czas Kultury” journal

Ph.D. in philosophy (13th of Oct 2014), Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań: „Hauntology as the philosophical theory and artistic practice of postmodernity”

M.A. in philosophy (30th  of Jun 2010), Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań: „The role of repetition in construction of the subject – from metaphysics of presence to Derridean différance”;


“After Nature – philosophy and aesthetics of Anthropocene”: The project aims at a critical analysis of contemporary changes in the understanding of the concept of “Nature” within the context of philosophical and aesthetic considerations of Timothy Morton.



  1. A. Marzec, Hauntology – the philosophical theories and artistic practices of postmodernity, Bęc Zmiana, 2015.


  1. Spectres: on secondhand reality, MEDIUM by Patrycja Orzechowska – exhibition catalogue, Warsaw 2017.
  2. Filosofia das Plantas (ou Pensamento Vegetal), Chao da Feira No. 46 (2016)http://chaodafeira.com/cadernos/filosofia-das-plantas/
  3. Vegetal Philosophy (or Vegetal Thinking), Czas Kultury in English (2015) http://czaskultury.pl/en/category/czaskultury/vegetal-otherness/
  4. The aesthetics of hospitality – deconstructions of the at-home, Art Inquiry. Recherches sur les arts, Vol XIII (XXII)
  5. Derridian difference: is a spelling mistake translatable?, Przekładaniec vol 24 – English Version, DOI 10.4467/16891864ePC.12.007.0569 (5 września 2012);


  1. Grant NCN – PRELUDIUM 3 (HS2): “Weak ontologies – philosophical theories and artistic practices of postmodernity” (principal investigator): 2013-2015


  1. University of Athens, Greece: 31.08.2015 – 31.10.2015
  2. University of London, Great Britain: 1.09.2013 – 31.10.2013
  3. Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany: 1.10.2012 – 31.12.2012
  4. University of Patras, Greece: 1.10.2011 – 29.02.2012


6th Family Film Project, International Film Festival, 16th of November 2017, Porto (Portugal) the title of lecture: “Fragments, remnants and the curse of archive – from nostalgia of found footage to materiality of glitch art” 

24th of May 2017, Kraków, Film Narration 2017: Fast, Slow & Reverse. Faces of Contemporary Film Narration, the title of lecture: Dead language of Greek “New Wave” – weird narrative strategies of Yorgos Lanthimos; 

6th April 2013, Cracow, Specters of the Author, 1st International Seminar on Literature, subject of paper: “As if I were dead – writing with/on Derrida”