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artMany philosophy students take the exciting opportunity to study abroad thanks to the Erasmus+. Studying in our Faculty would provide you with a fascinating insight into how philosophy is taught in Poland. Expand your horizons, meet new friends and learn our culture!

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Faculty of Philosophy – crafting advantages

The Faculty of Philosophy of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan offers modern and comprehensive education, and highly internationalised research, in a wide range of philosophical disciplines. We are considered to be one of the best and biggest philosophy schools in Poland. In order to continue our development, we value intensive international exchange very highly, and therefore we foster active cooperation with our Erasmus partners!

We offer our students a versatile programme, ranging from moral and political philosophy to logic and the philosophy of science. Each semester our faculty members deliver excellent lectures in English. For this reason we believe studying at our Faculty is an exciting opportunity!

The Faculty of Philosophy comprises 14 chairs, where 57 academics are employed. Faculty members publish books and articles in scientific journals all over the world. They also established international relationships and scholarly cooperation with various foreign institutions. Our Faculty offers its students unique opportunities, including additional courses in Marketing & PR and Information Brokering, which are prepared with various business partners. For students pursuing exceptional knowledge, we created Students Research Groups that allow them to participate in exciting and prestigious scientific projects.

Philosophy has been present at our university since the very beginning, thanks to Florian Znaniecki – a philosopher and the founder of modern empirical sociology. Until the foundation of the Department of Philosophy in 1970, philosophy was taught under professorial chairs. The first director was Jerzy Kmita who, along with the philosopher Leszek Nowak, the historian Jerzy Topolski and others, founded the Poznan School of Methodology, which focuses on the epistemology of history, as well as the methodology and philosophical foundations of the humanities.

Adam Mickiewicz University – your future Alma Mater

poznanThe City of Poznan would not be the same place without Adam Mickiewicz University. Founded in 1919, AMU quickly became a major academic institution and one of the top Polish universities. Its reputation is founded on tradition, the outstanding achievements of the faculty and the attractive curriculum offered to students. AMU is regularly listed as the third best university in Poland, according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and other prestigious rankings.

Among our most famous and notable alumni are many scientists, poets, businessmen, journalists and politicians. In recent years we modernised our facilities and some AMU faculties obtained new buildings in order to upgrade the comfort for all of our students. In addition to its facilities in Poznan, AMU has campuses in Gniezno, Kalisz, Piła and Słubice/Franfurt-Oder. Currently its student population is nearly 40 000 students (and over 1000 are international students).

The Faculty of Social Sciences, established in 1975, consists of four organizational units: The Department of Cultural Studies, Department of Philosophy, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Studies, Department of Sociology and Chair of the Study of Religion and Comparative Research. The Faculty offers undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in cognitive sciences, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology and sociology. Faculty members conduct and participate in the most valued international and national research projects and receive prestigious scholarships.

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Poznan – city of colours

poznan-2923219You are going to study in a colourful city on the Warta River, in the Greater Poland region. Nowadays Poznan is an important cultural and business centre in Western Poland, as well as one of  Poland’s most populous cities. With a student population of around 100,000, the City of Poznan is proud to have a student-friendly atmosphere which is now mixed in with our traditions and local dialect.

The history of Poznan is closely associated with the origins of the early Polish state. Throughout its history it has been under the influence of three cultures – Polish, German and Jewish. Modern times are characterised by economic development and an atmosphere of freedom.

Poznan has become the home city for dozens of companies and their subsidiaries. Thanks to the variety of products made in our city, it is often referred to as the “City of know-how”. Poznan was also an area of important historical events, including the Greater Poland Uprising (1918-1919) and the Poznan 1956 protests – a series of strikes against the government of that time. Even today the local residents can be described as active citizens, earning a second nickname for the City – the “Free City of Poznan”.

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